The Nanny Company.

The Nanny Company was started by a current, local nanny who weekly, if not daily, got messages asking if she knew of any great, reliable nannies and/or families. Once she out-sourced all her friends and families, yet continued to get messages, it was made plain to her that a reliable, trustworthy and personal source, in which one could find a family or nanny, was seriously lacking in Winnipeg.

With the help of her nanny families, support from her family and friends, she decided to start up The Nanny Company. With every request she receives, she takes it upon herself to find the best match! She will do all the ground work, spend the time and eliminate the guess work, to find local nannies for families. (We do not hire nannies from overseas. We focus on nannies here in Winnipeg!)

Through her experience, she knows what makes a nanny family GREAT, and enjoyable to work for and hopes she can help families become just that. She also knows what families value in nannies, what makes a nanny stand out from the rest, and looks for those qualities in all those she considers. She personally meets with both the nannies and families to ensure the best connections are made. 

Meet Danica


Hello! My name is Danica. I've been looking after children for as long as I can remember. In fact, being the youngest of 3 sisters, I would beg my sisters to take me with them to their babysitting jobs until I was old enough to have my own - and its been history since then!

I Nannied through my high school years, attended a leadership program through my church the year after and then worked at a pre-school all while Nannying and babysitting with every opportunity I got! I then became a full time nanny and absolutely LOVED it, knowing this is where I needed to be. I love being able to help children learn and explore the world around them. Driving kids to activities, school, sports, setting up playdates and watching children while their parents are on holidays are all aspects of the job that make every day and family so unique. 

I have a passion for QUALITY childcare and seek to bring that into every family. I truly understand how important and valuable a GREAT Nanny is, yet realize many families have a hard time finding one. With every family/Nanny I get asked to place, I take full ownership in making sure both ends are completely satisfied. You could say its almost like 'my baby'. ;) 

I personally meet/interview all families & Nannies, guide our team through the matching process, answer many, many emails, process payroll and invoicing and ensure our clients are more than satisfied and our Nannies feel appreciated working with us.

As my heart is still so much about hanging with children, I also am lucky enough to still Nanny part-time. I can do this, because I have a stellar office team. Meet them next!

Meet Pat


Hi my name is Pat. I’m a mom to 3 beautiful daughters and have always enjoyed working children. I worked in an elementary school for 12 years as an Educational Assistant, then went into business. Both two things I’ve always enjoyed. In 2017, I was in between jobs and Danica was looking for a French-speaking Nanny and asked if I would consider it. I met with the Family, fell in love with them and the children and became their part-time Nanny. A year later, the family added another cute one to the bunch, and mom began mat leave so they no longer required a Nanny.

This was at the same time that Danica asked if I would consider taking care of the office as she went away for a (well-deserved) 6 week vacation to Australia to visit her previous Nanny family. I agreed! It was a great learning curve and I really enjoyed the change in pace from working as a Nanny. Working along side Danica and the wonderful Nannies/Babysitters and families has been a real pleasure for me. Two years later, I continue as Danica’s Administrative Assistant. 

My role is to provide great communication through the matching process to ensure things run smooth and that Nannies are equipped with what they need to be the quality help families desire. I help the families with any questions or needs they may have along the way, in the effort of making this as stress-free as possible for them. I take care of the contracts and schedules for our permanent Nannies as well as filing the requests for Nanny on Call and Babysitters, providing a suitable Fun Bag for each family too!

I love seeing needs being met, happy families, employees and children. I enjoy working for a company who strives for excellence, is not afraid of change and is always raising the bar to better our company and team. We are very privileged to assist in raising the next generation.

Meet Chyanne

Chyanne 2.jpg

Hi! My name is Chyanne. Children have always been a huge part of my life. I am 1 of 7 children in my family and also am part of a huge extended family! Being one of the oldest, my whole life has been surrounded by many children of all ages. I started babysitting non-relative families as soon as I was old enough and right after finishing high school I worked in a daycare for a couple years! Since then, I’ve nannied privately for a few different families before having the privilege of joining The Nanny Company. Nannying is by far my favorite so far because I LOVE getting to know children more personally and in their own home environment where they are most comfortable. Taking children out for playdates, activities, programs, and parks makes my ‘job’ feel more like a hobby!

I started out with The Nanny Company in the beginning of 2018 as a part time Nanny and I loved every minute of it! In September 2018, I was so fortunate to be able to join the office team part time, while continuing with my Nanny family part-time. 

My main role in the office is going out into the community and recruiting quality Nannies for the families that Danica interviews. My goal is to find the best Nannies possible to ensure our families at The Nanny Company have Nannies whom they love, trust, and feel totally comfortable with. I look for a Nanny who matches what every individual family is looking for to ensure a great fit for both Nanny and family.

I also take care of our social media, marketing, event planning, profile building, creating our monthly newsletter, and preparing a monthly activity calendar/resources for all of our Nannies. We strive to provide our Nannies with resources so they can be the best Nannies possible. I help provide them with many different craft, activity (indoor & outdoor), educational games, and outing ideas for them and their kids. 

I am so fortunate to be a part of this team. I get to do the creative side of things through office work, while still getting some one-on-one time while Nannying! It’s truly the best of both worlds!