Permanent Nanny. 

Seeking a consistent part-time or full-time Nanny to grow with your family? Let us help you make the perfect match, as we tailor our search directly to your needs!

We work with families seeking consistent part-time care with guaranteed or flexible hours and consistent full-time care for a variety of durations.

From start to finish, The Nanny Company is dedicated to connecting local Families with local Nannies. We have a simple, proven process that allows us to provide the best fit for the best Families. 

APPLY Fill out our contact form below to get started!

INTERVIEW Because every Family is unique, we arrange for an in-home interview for a chance to discuss your needs and expectations. An in-home interview also gives us a chance to meet your children and get a sense of your family dynamic which are key factors in the decision making process. A non-refundable fee of $100.00 is due at this time.

CONNECT Using the information gathered from the interview, we will seek out our best Nanny options for your specific needs and prepare their profile. We will notify you when we have a suitable profile fit for your family and send it to you, upon receiving the $150.00 profile fee. We will work with you until you are confident in your decision of Nanny. Each additional profile is also $150.00, though as we send you our most suitable option first, we rarely need to send more!

MEET The Nanny Company Inc. will help arrange an interview with you and the potential Nannies; because in the end, you get to choose your Nanny.

FINALIZE Our work isn't done when you find the one. We will continue to help you get all the other details arranged, help formulate a work agreement and continue working with you as your Nanny begins working for your family, as an employee. 

BEGIN The Nanny then becomes an employee of The Nanny Company, and will be placed with the family! 

The whole process can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks, however we will do our best to work within your reasonable timeline.


Nanny Costs

So what goes into the costs of hiring a Nanny?

Wages                                              70%
Government                                     15%
Admin & Overhead                             8%
Insurance                                            7%
Billable Rate                                   100%

*these are approximate values, based on fluctuating averages


$100.00 In-Home Interview

Nanny Rates

*Prices subject to change without notice.


What people are saying about us.


Part of the family.

“The Nanny Company and our Nanny have been excellent! They are dependable and take much of the worries of management (payment, taxes, etc.) away. Our Nanny has been like a part of our family and is loved by both our children. We look forward to continuing to work with her and The Nanny Company.”

- J.B.

The perfect fit!

“The service and process overall has been awesome! I was worried we'd never find someone before contacting The Nanny Company, and Danica found the perfect fit for us. We are very grateful for all her help! I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a Nanny!”

— A.M.

Credible, professional company.

“I have already told so many people about The Nanny Company I feel such a huge weight lifted knowing that help is on the way from a credible, professional company! I can't thank you enough!”

— R.S.