Your children are one of your greatest joys, they're irreplaceable and simply an extension of yourself. Finding someone to spend most of their days with them, teach and nurture them, protect them and love them like you do can seem like an impossible task. The numerous hours spent searching for Nannies, contacting them, checking their references, doing background checks and setting up interviews is no easy feat either. Luckily, The Nanny Company Inc. has decided to take on those tasks and bring you only the best. 

We personally meet with both the applying Families and potential Nannies to ensure the best possible fit. Following a match, The Nanny Company Inc. will work with you to create a work agreement that is beneficial and fair for both you and your new Nanny. We will help make the transition smooth and effortless. The Nanny Company Inc. will help you become the best family your new nanny will have ever worked for by providing resources in how to have a great Family/Nanny relationship and ensuring all things are clear and laid out beforehand. If questions arise, or situations in which you are unsure how to deal with come up throughout your time with your Nanny, we will gladly try and help - just send us a message!

The Nannies become employees of The Nanny Company Inc., and they are contracted out to the Family. That means we take care of all the payroll, taxes, insurance and managing of the Nannies so you don't have to! We simply send you a bi-weekly invoice of the Nannies hours and ask for payment via electronic money transfers. it doesn't get more simple than that!




REVIEW We review the applying Nannies resume, experience and qualifications.
INTERVIEW If we felt confident with what we've reviewed up to this point, we personally meet them for an extensive interview.
QUALIFICATIONS If we feel they'd be a great Nanny for our team, we ensure they have a good sense of their responsibility as a Nanny by reviewing our high expectations with them, have completed and are up-to-date with their CPR & First Aid, hold a clear Criminal Record Check along with a clear Child Abuse Check. We then contact their references.
APPROVED Once we feel confident and satisfied with all the above, we will add them to our team and they will become available to families. 

We believe experience has value. Our Nannies, according to their experience and education, will be given a suggested wage category. We have 3 types of Nannies;

  • Level A: Elite; 5+ years experience, all necessary qualifications, excellent references, personal vehicle & some education. Starting hourly rate $24.50. 
  • Level B: Great; 2+ years experience, all necessary qualifications, excellent references, personal vehicle & some education. Starting hourly rate $20.50.
  • Level C: Good; Minimum 1 year experience, all necessary qualifications, excellent references. Starting hourly rate $17.
    By doing so we are able to meet the price range of many different families. 

    *Prices subject to change without notice.

If you would like us to help you in this exciting process, please fill out the Find A Nanny form below. 



So what goes into the costs of hiring a Nanny?

Wages                                               70%
Government                                      15%
Admin & Overhead                            10%
Insurance                                            5%
Billable Rate                                    100%

*these are approximate values, based on fluctuating averages



Quality babysitters can be hard to find, so we are offering to help! Babysitters are hired on a casual, as-needed basis and do not have a contract or regular schedule with the family. Their duties are not as extensive or demanding as a nanny. However, many of our nannies are also on our babysitter list.  
If you require a babysitter, please fill out the Find a Babysitter form below. We will look over your needs, and contact you regarding availability, with a profile of the babysitter. We do require a minimum 3 hour booking.

Our babysitters also bring along a FUN BAG with them, full of games, crafts, toys and books to help the transition from parent to babysitter. They'll have a blast and you can enjoy your time out knowing your children are in the best care! We tailor the FUN BOX to your childrens interests, so please ensure you list a few of their interests on the form below. 

If you have previously used our services, were pleased with your babysitter and wish to have the same one again, please indicate their name in the Preferred Babysitter Name section of the booking form and we will try our best to send you the preferred babysitter, however we cannot guarantee their availability.   
Fee: $20.00 first-time matching fee  + $16.00/hour, paid directly to The Nanny Company Inc. 
*Last minute bookings (less than 48 hour notice) will be subject to an additional $15.00 fee.  
*Bookings on Manitoba holidays will be billed at $24.00/hour

Should you need to cancel your booking, we ask for a minimum 48 hour notice from requested start time, otherwise we see it fair to charge the full invoice amount.

We feel honoured you have chosen us to help you in this exciting process!